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“… Last Saturday I sat down with them [Barry and Tim] regarding creating a Sales Funnel to generate new business for both my LinkedIn consultancy and also to plan how to grow The Connexion in the future.  I have to say it was one of the most productive 2 hours I have ever spent, with the whole process being documented for me.

Barry and Tim were able to pick over my ideas and thoughts and pull out of me exactly what I want and then show me how they and I could deliver on this.  Like you I want to get away from the lead generation and concentrate on delivering the bit I like – for me that is the training and mentoring of clients.

They came up with some brilliant ideas, some of which I am going to implement.

The result is I now have a plan on how to go forward, I am going to use their online services to generate the leads via a serious of emails, giveaways’ etc, and it is all automated – perfect for me as that will free up my time, with me only speaking to those who have indicated that they are ready to go forward or indeed have already paid for their training and mentoring. For the first time in ages I feel I know what I am doing and how I am going forward. We even did some financial forecasting and I am happy (very happy) with what they came up with, and it is high achievable by outsourcing some of the work I do now (which I find time consuming and dislike).

Edwina SilverOn the basis of this I would definitely recommend that you speak to Tim and Barry with a view to seeing how they can help take your business forward.”

~ Edwina Silver. The Connexion (for Women in Business).