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Lumpy Mail

There’s a saying that’s served me well in business. It’s this…

“It’s not your customers’ job to remember to do business with you, it’s your job to remind them.”

Your business won’t be top of mind for customers. However impressed they’ve been with your service and however much they loved what you did for them in the past, life carries on. Their circumstances change, they meet new people, and they may even get tempted away by a new supplier!

That’s why you can’t afford to stand still.

As part of your marketing strategy it’s essential you have plans and ideas that help you:

  • Stay in touch with existing customers
  • Win lapsed customers back

Here’s why…

It’s always easier to sell to an existing customer

Something shifts in your relationship with a prospect when they make their first purchase with you.

They’re no longer on the sidelines. Instead, they’ve made an investment, they’ve chosen you, and they’re experiencing first-hand what it’s like to work together.

Assuming you do a great job for a fair price, it’s a lot easier to sell to that person again rather than convince a cold lead to pull out their wallet.

That’s why your business is leaving a ton of cash on the table if you’re not proactively enticing existing customers back – even if they’ve not bought from you for months (or even years).

The good news is there are plenty of strategies you can explore.

So to get you started, here are TWO campaigns we’ve implemented recently with some of our private clients that are working like gangbusters.

1. The Boomerang Strategy

Digital marketing is cheap and quick.

Use social media or email as the platform and you can come up with an idea in the morning and have it sent by lunchtime!

But your customer’s inbox is swamped, and social timelines move so fast you can’t guarantee your post will be seen let alone read.

That’s why smart business owners are making a return to direct mail – in particular, lumpy mail.

With the cost of stamps rising, the letterbox will never be as crowded as the inbox.

And that gives you a distinct advantage.

You can sharpen that advantage even further if you send lumpy mail. Enclose some sort of grabber and the recipients won’t be able to help themselves! They’ll need to know what’s inside. It’s a simple strategy that helps get your marketing opened and remembered.

As far as what to send, right now, we’re getting a lot of success with boomerangs.

That’s the key with a grabber – for it to make sense, you have to be able to wrap it around a marketing message. As you know, boomerangs (when thrown correctly) return to the person who sent them.

So you could have a lot of fun with straplines and offers that link back to the message “will you come back?”

You can pick up boomerangs for just a few pounds, but the conversations you strike up will be worth much more. So give it a try and see what results this lumpy mail strategy generates for you.


2. The missing piece of the jigsaw

This second strategy works incredibly well if you want to get lapsed customers back into your physical premises. So if you have a dental practice, a pub or restaurant, a salon, or a shop, this strategy is for you.

It’s simple, fun, and has the potential to build a buzz around your business. Here’s how it works…

  • Send lapsed customers a piece of a jigsaw and invite them to come to your premises to see if they have the missing piece
  • If they have the missing piece, they win the big prize
  • If they don’t they still get a small gift or a discount code/card for participating

You can do something similar with keys.

Buy a stack of keys and invite customers to see if theirs opens the safe or door. Again one key will win the star prize; everyone else gets something for participating.

This prize-type promotion gives you plenty of opportunities to share on social media and in your regular marketing too. You can talk about the campaign itself and you can showcase the winners.

You could even partner with other local businesses to supply the main prize or the participation prizes. Just get creative!


As you can see, marketing doesn’t have to be dull or predictable.

There are plenty of ways you can spice things up to create interesting talking points and to build a buzz around your business and brand.

So this month, try these strategies and let us know how you get on.

And if you’d like us to come up with some unique strategies just for your business, we’d love to hear from you.

Two Lumpy Mail Strategies That Get More Customers Back Into Your Business