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To close out the year, I want to share my top five tips for successful sales funnels.


Hope this year has been a good one for you and that 2019 is even better.


  1. Build it!

As a business owner, you have a LOT on your plate!


With a rammed to-do list, it’s tempting to push business-building activities to one side. If you’re always working IN your business then you can’t be working ON it.


If your business isn’t growing or evolving, it’s actually stagnating and shrinking.


So don’t skimp on the activities that can help you thrive. Your sales funnel is one of those. You only need to build it once. But once implemented, you benefit day after day.


  1. Invest in it

The most effective sales funnels are those you keep nurturing.


So revisit and refresh your autoresponder sequences. Update your lead magnet. Revise your graphics. Add new blogs to drive fresh traffic and invest in your 52-week river so your list is always hearing from you.


Business is all about relationships. Nurture yours and the sales will flow.


  1. Don’t do it all yourself!

I had an unexpected illness this year. It meant there was a period of 2018 that I wasn’t able to work. Fortunately, my business was able to keep going because I had the right systems and processes in place.


Your sales funnel will work for you – even when you’re not working. It’s a powerful asset that keeps your business open 24/7. You’ll be glad you’ve got it once it’s built.


  1.  Don’t skimp on it!

With client work and day-to-day roles to live out, it’s tempting to rush up a funnel so you can tick it as done.


Don’t do this – you’ll undermine your results.


Remember, your sales funnel will become an asset that grows your business in the long-term. Get it right now and you’ll feel the benefits in the future.


  1.  Systemise it

With your funnel built, you’ll want to keep adding content to keep it all fresh and relevant.


Don’t leave this activity to chance.


Instead, get yourself into a rhythm. Decide how many emails you’ll write a week and how many blogs you’ll write a month.


Get the frequency pinned down and this will create the accountability you need to get it done.


Your sales funnel is one of your most valuable business-building skills.


Are you using yours to its max?


If not, make it a goal for 2019.


The team and I are here to help.


Speak soon.




P.S. You can still grab my book for free – you’ll find it here.

Top 5 tips for sales funnel success