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It’s that time of year! The John Lewis ad is out, Christmas trees are up, and people everywhere are discussing their festive plans.


But you can’t afford to do that – yet!


2018 may be coming to a close, but before you down tools for the Christmas break, make sure you invest time doing this ONE thing.


It will pay dividends for your business and also dividends for you.


The activity I’m talking about is REFLECTION.


Remember, you’ll go forward much further if you look back first.


Reflection allows you to extract the wins and the lessons from the year so you can infuse all that insight into your 2019 plans.


It’s a powerful way to learn from mistakes, leverage your wins, and set the goals that will take you in the right direction.


But how should you reflect?


I recommend you explore the following FOUR questions:


  1. What were your 2018 wins? List them all out – even the smaller ones (you may be surprised to learn how significant they actually are).


  1. What were your biggest losses? What didn’t work out? What mistakes did you make? Where did you ‘fail’? Get clear on didn’t go the way you planned so you can get clear on what to avoid in the coming months.


  1. What were the highs?  What made you feel great – both personally and professionally?


  1. What have you learned? This can be anything… what new skills did you acquire that you can leverage in the New Year? What did you learn about yourself that you want to take action on?


Reflection done, you can get busy planning what next.


You can set meaningful goals that are ground in the lessons from the weeks past.


And if you’re ready to achieve big in 2019, I encourage you to set 90-day goals.


It’s a timescale that’s always worked for me.


Speak soon.



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Most people won’t do this essential Dec task