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Sales Funnel To Do List

New Year, new start, right?

A full 12 months ready to fill with ideas, implementation, and goal-getting to help you take your business to the next step.

But where should you focus your energy?

What strategies and techniques are going to help you maximise your time, grow your business, and achieve your goals?

If you want to increase your sales this year, then a sales funnel is a no-brainer strategy to start with.

Quick and easy to set up, this scalable tool can help you find and keep more customers, shorten your sales process, and ensure you end 2018 on a sales high.

Need more convincing?

Then check out these FIVE key reasons why a sales funnel should be on your New Year’s to-do list.

1. It’s an asset that grows with you

Sales funnels are flexible tools.

It’s not a case of building one and sticking with it. Instead, your sales funnel can evolve and develop over time.

If you’re building your first sales funnel, start small. To launch a ‘Get Started’ funnel all you need is:

1. A lead magnet – like our Mythbuster

2. A simple landing page – to collect opt-ins

3. Plus a know, like, trust + Gain Logic Fear sequence – to onboard new subscribers and persuade them to become a customer.

Once these are in place you can bolt-on extra bits at a later date. For example:

  • Dream List campaign is perfect for targeting a small, specific list of perfect customers.
  • Customer reactivation campaigns can persuade existing customers to buy from you again
  • 52-week river can nurture leads who are yet to buy
  • And a telesales bolt-on can help close sales through the phone

There’s no need to think big to start with. Start small, get something live, and use that as a base to sharpen your asset going forward.

2. Achieve your turnover goals

A sales funnel is going to help you find and keep more customers. What’s more, it can help you do that on autopilot.

Going back to the ‘Get Started’ funnel, this simple (yet powerful) funnel works by encouraging potential customers to raise their hands and show an interest.

Rather than chasing stone cold leads, you can then engage with prospects that have engaged with your landing page and downloaded your lead magnet. These people are already in your sales funnel. They’ve already taken the first few steps – so these people will be easier to close.

Better still, because you now have a growing list of leads, you have someone to speak with on a regular basis.

So as well as finding more customers, your sales funnel can help you keep them because your funnel provides a mechanism through which you can stay in regular contact.

And we all know that people buy from people they know, like, and trust – so use your sales funnel to nurture that.

3. Boost efficiency

A sales funnel is a repeatable process.

Once switched on it does its thing time and time again. Apart from uploading new content, there’s little manual intervention needed.

In other words, tasks that currently take you hours can be removed from your to-do list for good. It’s a result that can free up time so you can invest it elsewhere.

A well-designed sales funnel will also remove wasteful repetition.

And combined, these benefits can cut costs and help you get more done in your business on a day-to-day basis.

4. Makes your business scalable

Sales funnels are tech driven.

What’s more, they’re built on the principle of automation. So it doesn’t matter how many leads you push through your funnel, the system can handle it all for you (apart from the stages where you manually intervene).

As a result, a sales funnel can help you scale.

If you need to generate more business, just drive more traffic to your landing page and fill your funnel faster. If you need to slow everything down, simply reduce the traffic volume and you’re sorted!

So replace a manual sales process with something that’s partly (even fully) automated and you have an asset that can grow with you.

5. Increase your conversion rate

If you haven’t got a sales funnel right now, how do you manage the process of closing deals?

Without a process, it’s likely the experience will be different every single time. As well as being unprofessional, this is inefficient. What’s more, there’s a good chance your leads will be asked to jump through more hoops than necessary.

And that can harm your conversion rate.

A sales funnel removes this challenge.

By streamlining your process, embedding the right steps, and removing those that aren’t necessary, your sales funnel can help you close a lot more sales.

Want a hand to implement a sales funnel into your business in 2019?

Here at Sales Funnels Made Simple we have the experience, know-how, and team to help you get set up with a sales funnel that works for you.

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5 Reasons A Sales Funnel Should Be On Your 2019 To-Do List