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In my network, I’m well known for my ability to get things done – fast.

But here’s the thing… it’s not that I have more time than my peers and I don’t have any superhuman powers! Instead, I’ve learned to master my schedule.

I’ve learned how to manage time and prioritise the tasks that offer my business the greatest leverage.

And most importantly of all, I’ve learned how to outsource and delegate effectively.

And in this article, I’ll show you how to do this too…

Which tier do you spend most of your time?

When it comes to your business, you’ll find there are three tiers of tasks:

Tier 1: Tasks only you can do

Tier 2: Tasks you can do – but so can others (just as well)

Tier 3: Tasks that are low value or lie outside your core skill set

To get the most done (and become an implementation master), you need to:

Spend more time in tier 1 – so you can prioritise and focus on the work only you can do. This may include strategizing, relationship building, and exploring how you can grow your business in the future. In other words, these tasks allow you to work ON your business, rather than IN your business.

Look where you can delegate or outsource tasks in the second tier.

Do this, and you’ll have even more time to focus on your core skill set. You may enjoy the tasks that fall into this tier, but you’re undermining your business’s potential if you invest time here when others could do this work instead.

Stop doing tier 3 tasks altogether – ASAP!

This low-level work drains your energy, diverts your attention away from tasks you can have the most impact on, and suffocates the potential growth and development of your business. Stop working here and you and your business can transform.

Some people find the shift to tier 1 and specialism easy.

But others can find it hard to let go of tasks and responsibilities they’ve done for years. After all, this change can involve an identity shift.

Who are you in your business if you suddenly shed a heap of things you used to do!

But the space you’ll give yourself by taking this step is immense.

And it’s in that space that you can make future plans, grow to the next level, and empower yourself to create a business that works for you – rather than you being a slave to it!

What tasks do you NOT need to do?

So take a look at a typical day. Review your existing schedule. Where is your focus? Can you see some things you need to shift and change – to help you get more done?

Secondly, take a look at the projects you have in the pipeline – do these involve tier 1 tasks that you should be doing yourself, or are they lower tiers that you should get help to implement.

Take a sales funnel as an example project…

If you’re highly skilled at strategizing and marketing, and if you enjoy crafting copy then this is something you can do yourself. Even if you have knowledge gaps, you can fill these with research and training.

For example, later this month we’re launching a DIY sales funnel kit that will provide you with everything you need to know to get your Get Started funnel set up and live.

Alternatively, you may decide that your time is better spent elsewhere. If so, a done-for-you package is likely to be a good fit.

Here’s what we offer for people who fall into this category…

Done-For-You Sales Funnels

Our done-for-you sales funnels start from £1000 a month (plus VAT) and include the following:

  1. Sales funnel blueprint: we’ll map out a bespoke sales funnel for your business designed to help you achieve the outcome your business needs to grow.
  2. Sales funnel build:From design to all the backend tech, our team will set up your funnel so you can start collecting leads and converting customers on tap.
  3. Lead magnet:Struggle to write engaging copy? Not sure what to offer customers as an incentive to sign-up to your list? We’ve got you covered. Let our tea create the perfect lead magnet to kick-start your funnel – then watch the leads flow in.
  4. One-time upsell offer: Want to turn new leads into customers? We’ll work with you to construct an upsell offer that adds a new revenue stream to your business and helps you see a return on your sales funnel fast.
  5. KLT | GLF sequence: With contact details captured, your next priority is to nurture those leads into paying customers. With a know, like trust sequence to onboard customers into your brand, and a gain, logic, fear sequence to entice people to buy – you’ll see real value from building a list.
  6. Deal flow for sale funnel team. They say ‘the money’s in your list’but that only applies if you have a string relationship with your list. Our sales experts will help you identify the hot leads and share strategies that support you n converting those leads into raving fans.
  7. 52-week river campaign. You can’t dictate when a customer should buy, that decision is entirely theirs. But you can stay on the radar so that when they’re ready, you’re top of mind. And that’s what your 52-week email campaign will hep you achieve.
  8. Lapsed customer sequence. You’ve spent time, energy, and cash building your list of customers. So if you have a database of people who’ve not bought for a while, we’ll have reinvigorate that list with a campaign that turns lapsed customers into current buyers.
  9. Upsell and cross-sell campaigns. It’s much easier to sell to existing customers than it is to sell to new ones. With upsell and cross-sell campaigns, you can increase your average customer value with ease.

As you can see, this is a comprehensive offer.

We’ve got everything covered for you.

So if you know it’s time to increase your leads, convert customers on a more predictable basis, and invest in assets that will help you acquire customers rhythmically, this is it.

Stop wasting time on tasks that lie outside your core skill set.

Instead, leverage the power of outsourcing. Buy in expert advice and your business could skyrocket.

Then call Barry and the team on 0121 405 0001