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Ghana People

A key part of what we set up to do with Ghana Call Ltd, was to also create a unique CSR programme within what we offer our teams in Ghana, which in turn benefit our clients through a positive working experience for the teams undertaking work on our client’s behalf.

At Ghana Call Ltd we:

  • Provide job opportunities to local Ghanaians in their own country, removing the desire (and risk) for individuals to seek to travel to Europe to find work, often via people traffickers
  • Pay scales that are above the market rate for the local economy, enabling staff to play a key role in family finances, including supporting dependents and family through school/university
  • Provide support over and above remuneration for staff covering
    • Transport costs to/from work to ease cost pressures and enable staff to get to work using public transport
    • Provide a hot meal for all employees each day to aid health and nutrition
  • Pay success commission/bonuses to encourage exceptional performance and enable them to further enhance their own and their families quality of life